DIY Dosing Stand Kit

Don’t want to spend a fortune on dosing containers?  Water bottles have become very popular to use as dosing containers.  The biggest issue is that they can tip over easily – but fear not, for I have a fancy solution for you!

  • Will support three bottles up to 3″ diameter.
  • Includes three 1/4″ all plastic quick connect bulkheads.
  • Includes three 1/4″ tubing for inside the bottles.
  • Stand is made from quality 1/4″ cast acrylic, with mounting screw holes pre-drilled and a cut out handle.
  • Bottles are not included.  Available in black and white.

My products are made to order, custom!  Please allow 10 business days for fabrication time for this product.  Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer.  Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue.  Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S.  Please contact us if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote.

DIY Dosing Stand Kit
DIY Dosing Stand Kit
Price: $50.99
Color :

Step 1:

Use a 5/8″ drill bit (I’ve found the forstner bit works best) and drill holes in the center of each cap.

Step 2:

Push the bulkhead through the hole and tighten the screw on the bottom side.  This could be a snug fit but you’ll get it!

Step 3:

Connect the supplied tubing and enjoy!