How to assemble your Octo Frack™

Materials you’ll need: acrylic solvent, square, paper towel.


1.) (If necessary) Remove any protective paper from the acrylic pieces your are assembling.  Dry fit the legs in the dado slots to ensure they fit.  If one does not fit, swap it with another leg.  Acrylic sheets can vary slightly in thickness but I try to ensure they fit before shipping.

2.) Use acrylic cement such as Craftics 33 or Scigrip 16 and lay a generous bead into the dado.  Be careful as these cements can come out of the tube pretty fast!

3.) Fit the leg into the dado and push down firmly.  Depending on temperature and humidity, you may not have long before the cement starts to set up.

4.) Use a square to ensure your leg is at a 90° angle, press down gently and let the cement set up for 30 minutes.

5.) Repeat steps 1-4 on all remaining legs.

6.) Flip your frack over and place some light weights on top.  I like to use a few cans of vegetables.  Wait 30 minutes.

7.) Run a bead of cement in the seams to add strength.  Wait 30 minutes.

8.) Enjoy!

Remember, these types of syrupy acrylic cements are not as strong as the liquid types.  Care must be taken when handling your Octo Frack™.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.