Ordering Procedures and Guidelines (MUST READ!!):

  • You must submit the form below.  You will need to send all required information to received a proper quote.
  • If you have special cutouts I will need the dimensions of those cutouts and the placements.  You can sketch this on a piece of paper and take a picture of if (see above illustration).  Cutouts should be measured from the OUTSIDE of the glass. You can skip the drawing for a quote, but I will need it for your lid order.
  • If your tank has a false wall, please measure as if the wall were the end of the tank. The lid will not cover the back chamber to make it easier for maintenance.
  • If your tank has any radius corners, you will need to send me the radius measurements.
  • Cutouts for overflow boxes are not necessary if the top of the box sits 1/8″-1/4″ below the rim of your tank.  Please specify the distance when ordering.  Lids tend to look much more “clean” without overflow cutouts.
  • Overflow cutouts tend to be unattractive to most, so I do like to avoid those cutouts when possible.  My lids sit down into the tank approximately 1/4″.  If you have enough clearance then you do not need a cutout for your overflow box.  At the bare minimum I can make your lid to sit 1/8″ into the tank, that would mean more of the lid would stick up above your tank rim, however.
  • Once I have all the measurements and payment, I will create a digital rendering which will be emailed to you.  You must email me back confirming everything looks good.
  • Please DO NOT send photos of your measuring tape.  They are useless to me as they’re always deceiving.  I just delete them.
  • Turnaround time is generally six weeks from the time I receive your confirmation of the rendering.  Fulfillment can take longer when I’m really busy or there’s a pandemic.  Please check with me if you need a more specific, current lead time.
  • Your Octo Lid™ will be cut to the dimensions you send me. I am not responsible for incorrect measurements you send me! Always measure multiple times.
  • Did you make it through all of that?  Good!  Please be aware that all this boring stuff is necessary to ensure your lid fits your tank as perfect as possible!



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