Octo Lids™

I’ve been making plastic mesh screen tops BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!  I use 3/8″ clear plastic and 1/4″ clear mesh netting.  Cutouts and feed doors are available upon request.  If you have plastic trim on your tank, the lid will sit on the inside ledge of the trim.  If you have a rimless tank, the lid will sit on 2″ tabs on the tank rim and the lid will sit down inside the tank approx. 1/4″.  I can build lids for just about any tank out there including the popular manufacturers such as: Red Sea, Innovative Marine, Planet Aquarium, Waterbox Aquariums, SC Aquariums, Deep Blue Aquariums and Biocubes (Coralife, JBJ, Oceanic…).  I also build lids for custom built glass and acrylic tanks.

*** I have never licensed my lids to any other company.  If you see someone else making plastic, screen aquarium lids they are infringing on my intellectual property.

* Hinged feed doors are $25 extra!  Standard size is 3″ x 2″.

* Features polished edges.

* Cut-outs are $FREE!

* Quotes are good for 30 days.

* Shipping comes with full insurance.

* Octo Lids™ longer than 36″ will have a 1″ wide center brace to avoid the lid bowing due to pressure from the netting.

To order or receive a quote, just choose your tank style: