Octo Nano Media Chambers & Fuges

(Biocube 32/29 shown above).



Did you know I have been making traditional filter “media baskets” for years?  I just haven’t advertised them because I’ve always felt they were over-priced and inefficient.  Well, I’m finally going to release my own line which will cut costs and ensure you get the most efficient and highest quality product possible.  I can make media chambers and fuges for almost all nano tanks.  Please contact me for details.

  • Did you know that your bagged media doesn’t have to be in separate compartments?  As long as water can flow through them, they can stack on top of each other!  Creating separate compartments is a waste of space and money!
  • Some of my media chambers utilize my world-renowned Octo Pods™ to keep them in place, while others have plastic screws.  No more clunky “water diverters”!!!  My Media Chambers are already built to work efficiently to capture the most flow possible, without having to purchase or use any additional equipment.
  • No sliding door!  This is a serious point of failure as it allows water to escape.  You want to force as much water down through your media as possible.  You don’t want a sliding door.
  • And best of all…..  Don’t pay $70!!!
  • My nano fuges have black acrylic for the back and sides, which cuts down on light spill and helps to prevent algae from growing in your back chamber.

*Fuge lights and media not included.

I use N52 neodymium magnets.  Rare earth magnets are not reef safe on their own, so I fabricate custom acrylic pods that encapsulate the magnets and keep them away from your water.  Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets.

My products are made to order, custom!  Please allow 10 business days for fabrication time for this product.  Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer.  Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue.  Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S.  Please contact us if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote.

Octo Nano Media Chamber
Octo Nano Media Chamber
Price: $59.99
Tank :
Octo Nano Fuge
Octo Nano Fuge
Price: $49.99
Tank :