Octo Cup

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Say NO to socks and Tupperware® in your tank!


Filter socks are so last year… these filter cups are all the rage!  The Octo Cup™ is designed to work with most popular sump configurations and is made of clear, 1/8″ acrylic.  All cups are priced individually.  Plastic clip to suspend bagged media (not on Eshopps or Red Sea MAX Nano).

Available for:

Standard 4″ – Tube is 3.50” diameter and approx. 6” tall.  Acrylic clip included to suspend bagged media off the bottom holes.

Waterbox 2.75” – Introducing the world’s FIRST filter cup for small Waterbox tanks!!  This will fit the Marine, AIO and Cube models.  The tube itself is 2.25″ O.D. and available in 6″ or 10″ tall.  Acrylic clip included to suspend bagged media off the bottom holes.  Packing too tight will cause overflow.

Red Sea – Tube is 3” diameter and approx. 6” tall.  Acrylic clip included to suspend bagged media off the bottom holes.

Red Sea MAX Nano – Introducing the world’s FIRST filter cup for small these tanks!!  The tube itself is only 1.50″ O.D. (1.25″ I.D.) and available in 6″ or 10″ tall.  Acrylic clip included to suspend bagged media off the bottom holes. Packing too tight will cause overflow.

Eshopps – Introducing the world’s FIRST filter cup for Eshopps sumps that use rectangular filter socks!  My Eshopps cups will fit in the (approx.) 4″ x 6.5″ spaces in your Eshopps sump,  4” tall.  *** PLEASE BE AWARE THE OPENING ON THE SUMP NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 7″ x 4.5″ AND NEED ENOUGH CLEARANCE TO DROP STRAIGHT INTO YOUR SUMP.  THESE ARE RIGID ACRYLIC AND CANNOT BE MANIPULATED IF THE OPENING IS TOO SMALL!! ***

This is my favorite filter media: https://amzn.to/3esf0Hm


My products are made to order, custom! Please allow up to 10 business days for fabrication time for most products. Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer. Full custom orders can take up to four weeks to complete. Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue. Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact me if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. Because my products are handmade and/or hand assembled, there may be small irregularities (fingerprints, marring, hair, etc) which will not effect the performance of your product.

Plastics are fragile which can break and scratch easily. Always handle with care. Surface can be cleaned with a very diluted soapy water mixture and a soft microfiber cloth.

This product is warranted to be free of defects for the lifetime of the product. We will, at my discretion, repair or replace your product at no charge during this period (See the Warranty page for more info.)

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Waterbox 2.75”, Standard 4”, Red Sea, Red Sea MAX Nano, Eshopps (Priced ea)

Waterbox 2.75" Height

NA, 6", 10"

Red Sea MAX Nano Height

NA, 6", 10"

40 reviews for Octo Cup

  1. James Seward (verified owner)

    Cup works great in eshopp sump. Getting good water flow through sump without water backing up changing water levels in tank.
    Highly recommended this is a must if you have the eshopp sump

  2. Jacob K. (verified owner)

    Fits my Waterbox AIO great and is a much better alternative to filter socks.

  3. Steve (verified owner)

  4. Donya (verified owner)

    No more socks…ever! This filter system has been the best thing since sliced bread. Love them.

  5. BOB FROEHLICH (verified owner)

    This was a perfect solution to constantly clogging socks on my grandson’s waterbox goldfish tank. Thanks, Matt!

  6. Jessica W. (verified owner)

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    This filter cup works very well i am very pleased with it. It has replaced my always dirty hard to clean and expensive filter socks. I just add some pinky filter or filter floss and it keeps my tank sparking clean without all the fuss of socks. Also doubles as a place to add filter media bags for carbon or GFO. I looked a long time to find this filter cup in this size for my small AIO aquarium that uses small socks. This company does top notch work. I am completely happy with my purchase. I have been using it for months now and i will never go back to using filter socks and do not own any anymore.

  8. Thomas O. (verified owner)

    Perfect size for my Waterbox and good flow. Much better than using filter socks!

  9. Gus C. (verified owner)

    Matt, thank you for the Eshopps Sump filter boxes!! They’re a perfect fit!! So happy that I don’t have to worry about filter socks anymore!!
    I’m definitely going to remember and recommend you!!👍🏽

  10. David (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Very good quality. I would buy this again and other products for sure.

  11. Russell L. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. My first order was received damaged due to the carrier. Matt immediately took care of the situation and sent me new product. The cups themselves are well made and I am looking forward to never using socks again!

  12. Terrell Orange (verified owner)

  13. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement for the filter socks. I’m using it in a waterbox aio 50.3 planted tank.

  14. Nicholas Sabatino (verified owner)

    For anyone still using socks and definitely for people with AIO waterbox designs. This is amazing…I burned those socks down. Man thank you thank you for making this. No one makes this size container for AIO water box. I will tell everyone about you.

  15. Brendan DAnna (verified owner)

    I ordered the Octo cups for my eshopps sump. They are the rectangular style cup. I couldn’t not find them anywhere except for Octo. I am extremely pleased with the quality and service. Highly recommend!!

  16. Shara S. (verified owner)

    Incredible product! Fits perfectly, easy to change filter element, and looks amazing. Customer service is top-notch. This is a total game changer!!

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent quality as expected. The clip to hold the media bag is genius.

  18. Jestin Kemp (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for my Waterbox tank. Thank you again!

  19. Anthony D. (verified owner)

  20. Andrew W. (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship and even better customer service. Prompt shipping!

  21. Alan S. (verified owner)

    High quality stuff!

  22. Anthony Dellarte (verified owner)

    A bit pricey, especially if you need 4, but they are a overall cheaper alternative to 2.75 inch socks, which are not sold by too many companies.

  23. Alan S. (verified owner)

    Great product! High quality, perfect fit for my Waterbox aquarium.

  24. Marc G. (verified owner)

    Great product. Clean work and fast delivery. Can’t ask for much more!

  25. Edward Raposo (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I bought this! I was having issues with flow through my Waterbox cube due to the factory filter sock getting clogged up easily and restricting flow. The minute I put this in my tank the problem was solved. Thank you!!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was the perfect finishing touch for my Waterbox cube 10. No more filter socks for me! Thank you!

  27. Ray (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and product. Makes for easier tank maintenance where all I have to do is replace the used filter pad vs cleaning filter socks

  28. Stephen W. (verified owner)

    Only been using the cup for a few days, but this is A Win Win over the dirty ole sock.

  29. victor (verified owner)

    no more filter socks ever again!! great quality!! thank uou!!

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent craftsmanship!!!

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality and works perfectly for my WB20. Much easier to maintain than my filter socks.

  32. Tony C. (verified owner)

    Can’t be happier with this purchase. Will buy from Matt again.

  33. Gary (verified owner)

    The Octocup is well made and fits right into the waterbox. I am using filter media recommended by Octo Aquatics and this method is far cheaper than buying expensive filter soxs on a regular basis. Great idea O.A. I believe you are the only one doing this.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love using this media cup with filter pads, carbon and GFO. Goodbye to cleaning filter socks!! Thanks for the help in determine correct size. Customer service was great and shipping was prompt. Great experience all around.

  35. Frank (verified owner)


  36. Aaron (verified owner)

    Perfectly made. Easy to order and helpful with questions. Couldn’t recommend more. I have a 90.1 waterbox, solved all my flow issues with filter bags. Thanks again!!!

  37. Ronald P. (verified owner)

    Well made product only problem water isn’t flowing through filter floss it’s backing up what do u guys suggest but its working well with carbon hanging

  38. Matt Coddington (store manager)

    experiment with different types of floss. i use the pink/white stuff from amazon.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

  40. Jamie (verified owner)

  41. Jonathan G. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Superior build quality and excellent customer service. Will be a repeat customer.

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