Octo Strong Food Clip

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Don’t fall for wimpy magnets! I revolutionized the usage of high-powered magnets in our industry with my award-winning Octo Pods™!


At Octo Aquatics, I work hard to bring you the best quality products to be found anywhere. Three options:  Single acrylic clip, Double acrylic clip or Jumbo ABS clip if you really like to fold your nori sheet!  The magnet pod is 1 3/8″ diameter.

I use N52 neodymium magnets. Rare earth magnets are not reef safe on their own, so I fabricate custom acrylic pods that encapsulate the magnets and keep them away from your water. Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets.


My products are made to order, custom! Please allow up to 10 business days for fabrication time for most products. Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer. Full custom orders can take up to four weeks to complete. Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue. Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact me if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. Because my products are handmade and/or hand assembled, there may be small irregularities (fingerprints, marring, hair, etc) which will not effect the performance of your product.

Plastics are fragile which can break and scratch easily. Always handle with care. Surface can be cleaned with a very diluted soapy water mixture and a soft microfiber cloth.

This product is warranted to be free of defects for the lifetime of the product. We will, at my discretion, repair or replace your product at no charge during this period (See the Warranty page for more info.)

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Single, Double, Jumbo

4 reviews for Octo Strong Food Clip

  1. Robert Paterson (verified owner)

    Solid and strong clip.

  2. ladonna (verified owner)

    The Octo Strong Food Clip is a great value. I have the double clip version. In the past, I’ve often replaced plastic-rubber suction clips due to saltwater damage. I am pleasantly surprised this clip shows no saltwater damage after a year. The suction clips often fell from the aquarium wall. When the exterior clip is removed (in preparation for refilling the seaweed holder), the interior magnet stays in place so I’m not fishing around for it. I think it creates some kind of suction – or I can pretend it’s magic! (I haven’t left the clip in place to determine how long it will stay in place without the exterior clip because I’m busy feeding my fish!) I thought the plastic clips would break from saltwater deterioration or being opened/closed often. They work as expected with no sign of deterioration. I loved it the first time I used it, yet waited to leave a review to see if it help up over time. It has! That’s why it’s a great value for the cost. It is not only the plastic & magnet material that makes it a good value, it is also the ease of use. The clips open & close with ease, & hold the seaweed grid when my tang ferociously attacks. I commend the inventor, he’s created a great product.

  3. Garrett (verified owner)

    Superior product!

  4. David Holbrook (verified owner)

    Good strong magnet and holds Nori without falling off

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