Octo Strong Nori Cage

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Don’t fall for wimpy magnets! I revolutionized the usage of high-powered magnets in our industry!


One of the biggest issues with other manufacturers out there is their puny magnets and suction cups that are simply laughable. That’s why years ago I created the highest performing magnet pods on the market. These are hand assembled using the most powerful magnet available. You may see other companies copy my style, but they’re never the same.

I was the first one to produce this type of nori feeding device, utilizing high powered magnets.

Large – Approx 5″ w x 6″ h
Medium – Approx 3.5″ x 5.5″ h
Nano – Approx 2.25″ w x 3.5″ h

I use N52 neodymium magnets. Rare earth magnets are not reef safe on their own, so I fabricate custom acrylic pods that encapsulate the magnets and keep them away from your water. Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets.


My products are made to order, custom! Please allow up to 10 business days for fabrication time for most products. Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer. Full custom orders can take up to four weeks to complete. Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue. Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact me if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. Because my products are handmade and/or hand assembled, there may be small irregularities (fingerprints, marring, hair, etc) which will not effect the performance of your product.

Plastics are fragile which can break and scratch easily. Always handle with care. Surface can be cleaned with a very diluted soapy water mixture and a soft microfiber cloth.

This product is warranted to be free of defects for the lifetime of the product. We will, at my discretion, repair or replace your product at no charge during this period (See the Warranty page for more info.)

Additional information

Tank Thickness

Up to 1/2”, Up to 3/4”


Large, Medium, Nano

14 reviews for Octo Strong Nori Cage

  1. Alexx LeVasseur (verified owner)

    Love this nori cage. I have others from larger manufacturers but they always leave so many areas my fish can’t get to. This one is great with plenty of open spaces for fish access. My older ones did not allow very much room to insert the nori sheets so I always had to tear them into smaller pieces. This version allows me to feed my larger fish a full sheet at a time every day. Great purchase and good quality.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The build quality on this algae holder is good. I have quite a few larger (10inch) tangs that would pull my previous algae clip off the glass or the algae out of the clip. They can’t do that with this holder!

    There are a few design “nice to haves”. It would be nice if the side holding the algae would float. Also, the screws are really long and take a while to thread to get a tight grip – maybe shorten the screws or an updated design can utilize a clip instead of screws.

    I would recommend this to others, especially if you have a 3/4 glass tank. It looks great and does it job!

  3. Matt Coddington (store manager)

    hi there! thank you for the feedback. due to material shortages i cannot find the shorter screws i used to get, so this is the best option for now. also, many of my customers find it easy to loosen the screws slightly and slip a piece of nori in between, to avoid having to completely unscrew the whole thing. please let me know if you need anything else. thanks!

  4. Jeremy E. (verified owner)

    Way bigger than other nori holders with big holes so fish can actually get to the sheet

  5. Bennett (verified owner)

    Have purchased heater and probe holders, a tank lid and this Nori cage from Matt.I keep coming back because of the impeccable workmanship and “make sure the customer is pleased” attitude. Everything is top notch…every time.

  6. Erik Petersen (verified owner)

    Absolutely stellar quality. Return customer and plan on being one anytime a need arises. Great customer service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Van (verified owner)

    This is really cool. Very well made and after a few hours the fish figured out how to access each port. Torn pieces are small and don’t float everywhere, and the clear acrylic makes it sort of “disappear” when empty. Highly recommended.

  8. David D. (verified owner)

    Well made. Nice open holes. Strong magnet. Perfect ! Tks again !

  9. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Love the size of it planning to have multiple Nori eaters. Magnet is fantastic. Love that it is clear and it kind of blends with glass so it isn’t such an eye sore in the tank. Very easy to use. Great product I would highly recommend.

  10. robert p. (verified owner)

    Great feeder. No.more sheets being ripped of a clip to be left floating around the tank.

  11. Chris Wendt (verified owner)

    Works great. I love how less is wasted with this. Quality product as always.

  12. Nicholas G. (verified owner)

    All this stuff is the best

  13. John Greywitt (verified owner)

    Matt was awesome! The Nori cage is top quality and would highly recommend it to anyone. Super easy to take apart and clean. Customer service is outstanding.!

  14. Ana Bechara (verified owner)

    Well made. Easy to clean up. I got the medium size and it still fits a whole leaf of nori. The magnet is super strong. And the actual cage is secure enough to keep the nori in place while the fishies eat it.
    I am very satisfied with this product and would definitely buy it again.

  15. Eric Brown (verified owner)

    Solid product. Best part about the cage is how little nori is wasted vs traditional nori clips. Next up will be the heater holder rack.

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