SCULPFUN IR-2 Infrared Laser Module


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Main feature:

1- Engravable Materials: 1064nm infrared laser module is suitable for engraving on a wide variety of metals including gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum, zinc, iron, stainless steel, metal oxides and alloys, plastics, and Dark acrylics.

2- High Precision: The laser module adopts ultra fine 0.03mm laser spot with high accuracy, which can engrave more delicate patterns on various metal materials.

3- 20000Hz Pulse Energy: The pulse energy of the Sculpfun laser module can reach up to 20000Hz. It can easily engrave on metals and show clear traces.

4- High Adaptability: Compatible with all Sculpfun laser engravers, including S6, S6 Pro, S9, S10, S30 Series, S30 Ultra Series and SF-A9. Equipped with 3 different types of mounting plates, it can meet the needs of different machine structures. And it can be quickly focused by pulling down the focus lever.

1. For 12V machines, after replacing the IR-2 24V adapter, you need to unplug the air pump, otherwise the air pump will be burned.

2. When replacing the original 12V laser head, you need to replace the 24V adapter with a 12V adapter to avoid burning the original laser .

3. In addition to these three structures, if your machine is any other structures, please contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Model: IR-2
Light Output Power: >2W
Product Material: aluminium alloy
Laser Wavelength: 1064nm
Working Mode: pulse operation
Spot Size: X:0.03mm Y:0.03mm
Power Supply: DC24V(80W)
Storage Temperature: -10°C-50°C

Product Size: 144*50*58mm
Product Weight: 0.45KG

Packing List:
1 × 2W Infrared Laser Module
1 × Adapter
1 × S10 Mounting Plate
1 × SF-A9 Mounting Plate
1 × Universal Mounting Plate for Other Models
1 × Accessories Package