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Simply put…. THE BEST multi-purpose aquatics container can be used for – anemones, mushrooms, acclimating new livestock, putting naughty livestock in time out, holding livestock for sale, etc.



Simply put…. THE BEST multi-purpose aquatics container can be used for – anemones, mushrooms, acclimating new livestock, putting naughty livestock in time out, holding livestock for sale, etc. Why is The SHU™ better than other acclimation boxes?

• Magnets are now on the same side as the hinges.  This make is easier to open the lid on eurobraced and trimmed tank!

• Super powerful neodymium magnets can hold on 1/2″+ glass or acrylic (see details below). Other brands use suction cups which pop off easily. The magnets are encapsulated in acrylic, making them waterproof!  Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets.

• High quality acrylic hinges and snapping latches. These heavy duty hinges and latches were made for longevity.

• Bottom piece available in clear, white or black.

• Free optional, removable center divider.  Second divider is also available for a charge.

• Hand made in the U.S.A!

• 4″ tall is more convenient for anemones and corals.

• Lifetime guarantee!  That’s right, if your SHU™ ever fails under normal usage I will replace it for FREE.  All you are required to do is return the faulty item along with all magnets and I will repair it or ship out a new one.  (see warranty page for terms)

The SHU™ comes in these sizes:

“The Beecher” (6” x 4” x 4”)
“The O’Reily” (10” x 6” x 6”)
“The O’Reily Short” (10″ x 6″ x 4″)
“The Schillinger” (14” x 6” x 6”)
“The Schillinger Short” (14″ x 6″ x 4″)



I use N52 neodymium magnets. Rare earth magnets are not reef safe on their own, so I fabricate custom acrylic pods that encapsulate the magnets and keep them away from your water. Please visit the magnet warning page for more information on these magnets.


My products are made to order, custom! Please allow up to 10 business days for fabrication time for most products. Because my products are made to order, fulfillment time can rarely take longer. Full custom orders can take up to four weeks to complete. Please let me know ahead of time if this may be an issue. Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S. Please contact me if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote. Because my products are handmade and/or hand assembled, there may be small irregularities (fingerprints, marring, hair, etc) which will not effect the performance of your product.

Additional information


Schillinger (14” x 6” x 6”), Schillinger Short (14" x 6" x 4"), O’Reily (10” x 6” x 6”), O'Reily Short (10" x 6" x 4"), Beecher (6” x 4” x 4”)

Tank Thickness

Up to 1/2”, Up to 3/4”


Clear, Black, White


0, 1, 2

Slots In The Front

No, Yes

22 reviews for The SHU

  1. Jason Barnard (verified owner)

    I recently ordered the O’Reily Short and could not be happier with the product. The SHU was made extremely well and the magnets have no issue at all holding the box firmly against the glass. The hinged top secures tightly when closed and will not open without a good bit of force. My box came with one divider and it fits perfectly into the slot made for it inside the box. The slots cut into the box allow water flow to move throughout the box easily. The only thing I had to do for mine was turn up my MP10 on the side where I placed the box so the waterflow was adequate for the coral (Torch) I placed inside. Unless you are running a high water flow tank like a SPS dominant tank, you will probably have to crank up the flow a bit. The other thing I really liked about this product is the acrylic is clear all the way around so it does not block the light or shade any part of your tank. This is probably the best quality and well designed box I have seen or owned, and I highly recommend the product.

  2. Tony M. (verified owner)

    Well made and quick customer support reply.

  3. Johnny (verified owner)

    Top notch work, and ships out products fast! I will order again!

  4. Josh Vaisman (verified owner)

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Matt was awesome to work with – quick to reply, super helpful in customizing the piece to meet my needs, and the bang for the buck can’t be beat. The final product is stellar….I’ve already used this to acclimate 3 fish and believe I’ll have this box for life. Great work! Would gladly recommend Octo Aquatics to anyone (already have) and fully plan to use it as my go-to moving forward.

  5. Todd Smith (verified owner)

    The magnets work well on my 155 bowfront. It’s a good product.

  6. Marquette Chester (verified owner)

    Excellent product that provides the flexibility to acclimate and at times, isolate, valued pets into an environment that will allow them to be familiar with their future tank mates and the mates in the tank to become familiar with them. I tend to release after a couple of days always releasing in the middle of the night. After 2 years with multiple units, I’ve had no aggression issues. Fingers crossed the happy community continues!!!!

  7. Jesse A. (verified owner)

    Great product, love the magnets. The only thing I would change is the side the hinge is on for the lid. I love it!

  8. Dan (verified owner)

    Works like a charm!

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    Works like a charm

  10. Chuck D. (verified owner)

    A VERY high quality product. Would purchase again

  11. Robby (verified owner)

    Great design, and worked perfectly for introducing my flame wrasse and personatus angelfish to the established wrasse and angels.

  12. Mark Nehler (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Currently have blue star leopard wrasse in the box and established leopard and pintail are acting aggressive towards it. Day one is working out fine.

  13. John E. (verified owner)

    The Shu feels sturdy and appears well built. I haven’t tried it in a tank yet, but I have confidence it will work as expected. The lid snaps shut securely. The magnets are very strong so heed the warnings! There’s no chance this will slide in the tank.

  14. James H. (verified owner)

    A smooth transaction from ordering to delivery, and I used it the same day it arrived for my Purple Tang, to transfer him from one tank to another and make sure everyone would “play nice.” I wish I would have purchased it many years ago— but I will not have to wish anymore. Recommended.

  15. Tyler Watanabe-Noguera (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship, Magnets work well on my 1/2 inch thick glass. I have a Fiji cube 108 and wanted to make sure new inhabitants got to meet their neighbors first. Very happy with the product. I am not worried about the magnets rusting as they appear to be encapsulated quite well.

  16. Lawrence H. (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Works perfectly and the quality is top notch. Matt’s customer service is also fantastic. Would recommend.

  17. Arin (verified owner)

    After looking for a mushroom box for a while I finally found the SHU and I’m glad it did. Great size (you get to pick), super sturdy, the magnet holds really well. No complaints at all. Really glad I bought it

  18. Jim C. (verified owner)

    Look. When this guy makes something. It’s no joke. Top notch stuff

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Kimberly (verified owner)

    Excellent quality & it looks nice in your tank, too!

  21. Robert S. (verified owner)

    Best acrylic guy in the industry! I’ll never worry about magnet rust with this box

  22. Romain Favier (verified owner)

    Great product, solid and functional!

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