Worm Trap

Let’s face it – bristle worms are ugly.   They can also annoy your corals and fish.  Yes, they do eat detritus and leftover food, but they also create detritus themselves!

My trap is a sleek 5″ x 1.5″ which makes it easy to place in nano tanks.  These are great for fish clubs to purchase and lend out when needed.

Most of my products are made to order and BY HAND!  Please allow 10 days for fabrication time (longer for Octo Lids™)  Shipping prices listed are to the contiguous U.S.  Please contact us if you live elsewhere and want a shipping quote.

Worm Trap
Worm Trap
Price: $16.99



  1. Place one black end cap on the main tube.
  2. Insert a small black tube into the black end cap about half way.
  3. Please meaty food inside the main tube.
  4. Place the second black end cap on the main tube about half way.
  5. Insert the second small black tube into the second black end cap.
  6. Turn the black end caps so small black tubes are nearest the tank bottom,
    and the holes in the main tube are pointing up.
  7. Point the outside portions of the small black tubes downward towards
    the tank bottom.
  8. Place in tank where desired and check the following day.

I usually recommend not feeding the tank for a couple days and vacuuming as much detritus  from the tank as possible first.  You want them as hungry as possible before setting the trap.